Saturday, February 26, 2011


Abigail is growing sooo big super fast!! She changes so fast, is growing so tall, and is learning everything!! She is starting to blurt out funny sayings, sing little songs, and want to know what everything and nothing is.
She started wearing her big girl panties on February 8th and is so happy to have them. She tells me at least once a day she hates diapers!! I tell her mom does too! So since them she has to put her underwear on herself. She will tell you lemmedoit really fast about 4 times...Her underwear usually is inside out and on backwards but she is learning. She is now wanting to put her own clothes on and the other day she came out of her room so proud that she dressed herself!

Too cute!

Since she is always in the bathroom we are also running out of hand soap really fast. She has always been fascinated with water. Lately we have found her playing in the toilet, filling the sink up with soapy water, and also she came out the other night handing us a bath toy and stated "here i peed in it".... TROUBLE!!
I always joked with Don that I could not wait until she put her PB&J in the VCR.....But now I don't think it would be as funny.
Last night Dad came home from work to find the toilet in the bathroom that she uses clogged. He asked what happened and of course i did not know. After asking Abigail a few times she told him she put a fish in there. We do not have fish...not even toy fish so I just shrugged it off. After coming home from dinner he went in there and plunged it only to find this.....

Looks like a fish. So we both talked to Abby about what is ok to flush and what is not. She just shook her head and nodded a few times them bolted to our room. Little turkey!! I just reminded Dad that at least it was not a remote or cell phone.......

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