Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silkies are never what they seem.

Well I am sad to report that our Peaches seen below (she is the buff silkie) is no longer Peaches. She is now Mr. Hamburger head. Yeah that's right! Our third attempt to raise a hen silkie is over and we will have to try number four. A few days ago Don heard some crowing coming from our yard and Peaches is our only hen that had not started laying yet. She used to be small and cute with no attitude. I did notice some changes in *her* slowly but I must have been in denial. Our first attempt will never be forgotten. His name was Moon he ended up being named whitey (and a short time later...roasted whitey)and chased me around the backyard pecking me until my foot bled. He was possessed and hated me for some reason. Maybe we will not try a silkie again....

 Now he is huge and has a I'm in charge here way about him..... This is what Mr. Hamburger head looks like except ours has what looks like at least a half pound of burger growing on top his head!!
He spent a few short hours on and now has a new home.
Goodbye Mr. Hamburger Head and good luck with your new ladies!

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