Friday, February 24, 2017

Last day at Riverside

Goodbye's are not always easy...

It was also Grandparents Day. Grandpa and Grandma Smith came and spent the afternoon with Abigail. She had a very rough morning full of tears but by the days end was feeling a little better. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentines Day

Family dinner by candle light that Abigail absolutely LOVED

Abigail got a cute balloon bouquet and some chocolates

***Don and I chose not to give gifts this year. I really don't care for certain "Holidays" and Valentines day is one of them. I think it is silly and just another day to make us spend money. Don loves me and shows me everyday. I do not need a special day to get flowers and chocolates! But that is besides the point. We celebrate for the kiddo! Family dinner by candle light was just the greatest for us! 


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


After a few weeks of eye issues and 4 different doctors, 4 different medications, and 4 different diagnosis Abigail finally gets the right diagnosis. Let's see she had: pink eye, eczema, an infection, and allergies. Eye drops, cream, ointment, and eye wash. Co-pay after Co-pay and a few hours wasted getting wrong care. After her eyes still were not getting better i took her to the eye doctor and within 5 minutes he diagnosed her. 30 minutes later she had a small procedure done and we were walking out the door. Abigail was diagnosed with beliferitis. It is a life long condition so it will not go away for ever. We have already had 2 flare ups since and currently are dealing with it now and hoping we don't have to go in for a procedure. We have to heat pack her eye, wash it, and if needed put prescription ointment on it. We felt so bad because she suffered for a few weeks. It was the right eye, then the left, then both... A few pictures of her eyes on the good days. 

This is what we have been trying to get under control this past month. Its a hard lump... gets pretty big and then will go down with a heat pack but we cant get it to go away.