Wednesday, February 8, 2017


After a few weeks of eye issues and 4 different doctors, 4 different medications, and 4 different diagnosis Abigail finally gets the right diagnosis. Let's see she had: pink eye, eczema, an infection, and allergies. Eye drops, cream, ointment, and eye wash. Co-pay after Co-pay and a few hours wasted getting wrong care. After her eyes still were not getting better i took her to the eye doctor and within 5 minutes he diagnosed her. 30 minutes later she had a small procedure done and we were walking out the door. Abigail was diagnosed with beliferitis. It is a life long condition so it will not go away for ever. We have already had 2 flare ups since and currently are dealing with it now and hoping we don't have to go in for a procedure. We have to heat pack her eye, wash it, and if needed put prescription ointment on it. We felt so bad because she suffered for a few weeks. It was the right eye, then the left, then both... A few pictures of her eyes on the good days. 

This is what we have been trying to get under control this past month. Its a hard lump... gets pretty big and then will go down with a heat pack but we cant get it to go away. 

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