Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

What a fun and relaxing Christmas eve and Christmas day! 

Christmas Eve we stayed home most of the day. I don't think I even took off my pajamas till 3:30! That just does not happen here! 
We finally all got dressed and went to our church's Christmas Eve service. As always it was a very nice and touching service. After wards we were invited to a families home 
for a Christmas Eve Party. 
We had some great soup and visited with everyone. 
 It was a nice fun evening! 

In 20 years this was the first time Don and I have 
stayed home on Christmas Day. 
I have to admit it was very relaxing and nice to spend almost the whole day just the 3 of us. We had time to help Abigail go through her presents and play with some of them. I had all day to prepare Christmas dinner. And did I mention it was very relaxing?
 I even napped!!  
BUT I will admit I still prefer to spend time visiting with both sides of the family on Christmas Day. It wasn't the same and I missed it!  

Abigail got us up around 7:30 (well she got me up at 5 but I managed to talk her into a few more hours) and we enjoyed opening our presents. As I cooked breakfast Don and Abby played in the snow, I then relaxed in the bath with a bath bomb, napped, and then my side of the family came over for our Christmas party.  

After dinner we played Pie Face! Great fun game!

I can't express how much ALL my family means to me. 

Don and Abigail are both the best ever and have my full heart! 
I am also very grateful to have my awesome, crazy, and fun family and to have married into a great family! There is never a dull moment at any family gathering. 

Abigail had asked Santa for an American Girl doll and the Pie Face game. He brought her both and also a horse to go with her doll. My nice talented neighbor made Abby a bed for her doll. 

Mom and dad bought her most of the items she circles in an add. She was spoiled as always but this year I had to stay on a budget. 

We enjoyed out LAST Christmas in this house! 

Monday we went to Don's parents home and celebrated with a great brunch, gift exchange, and our annual gift exchange game. (camera won't work so no pictures)

My very talented cousin took all Abigail's baby blankets and turned her receiving blankets into a cute quilt. Abigail was so excited and has asked to sleep with it the past two nights. 
I am happy I saved them all. 

 Christmas 2016

waking mom and dad up with cuddles

Ruger and Roxy were overly excited! They both got a pig ear, some venison and sweet potato breakfast and Ruger got a replacement "Gator" (Roxy killed his last one) and Roxy got a duck.All the kitties got a new "mouse"!  Ruger here is sitting on Don's lap!  

Happy to report that WE all cleaned it up together! 

Opening her gifts from family

Some night vision goggles! Perfect for her spy kit!  

Abigail's BFF got a IPod touch! These two will never be apart for more then 15 minutes now! Seriously 23 missed called just today! Love these two! There friendship will last a lifetime! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

~Parties and fun everywhere~

Yes another one, two, or more! 

Abigail made a ginger bread house, played a game, and made a craft. 

LOVE her troop and all the cute girls! 

I Spent the afternoon with Abigail's class. We split up the kids and the played a game, had hot cocoa with marshmallows, whip cream, and sprinkles! They made brownie reindeer and made a snow man craft. I LOVE being able to help with her class. The kids are adorable! They all had their pajamas on. Out of around 25 kids at least 18 had asked Santa for either an Apple Mac book pro or an I phone! Too funny! I told them they should be asking for books, games, and boots! 
When I was 8 I just wanted a baby doll and some crayons! 

Gingerbread house decorating

Since I work a few places I get to go to a few work parties. Today I took Abigail and we went to my Clearfield office. She had a great time. She is such a sweet girl. She went up to each client and talked with them, helped Santa with all the presents, and helped set up a luncheon. If she could she would go to work with me everyday... and I would let her! 

I drew Lori's name and Abby and I worked on a gag gift for her. We bought her a plunger which Abigail painted bright pink, and then we tied on some poop-pourri! It was so fun to watch Abigail while Lori was unwrapping it! She was extremely excited!  She thought the poop-pourri was so funny I had to buy one for her and put it in her stocking.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Today is a hard day for me. It is my Dads Birthday. I miss him more then anything. He has been gone 6 years this December. He shouldn't have passed away so young, he should be with us now getting ready for Christmas.
But this right here helps my day be brighter. Abigail and her cousin spending time together after almost a year apart. Love these two and glad Ashton came to spend the night with us. Just missing Kaydon. ❤️️ you boys!

Monday, December 12, 2016

house update

House update! 

Soffit & Fascia
Roof color

Stucco, Stone, Garage. Windows we picked white but then changed to Taupe. 

Patio door, exterior to garage and backyard and interior doors.

These were the two front doors we were deciding between. After a LONG day back and forth we finally decided to do the same as above for our front door with an added glass storm door. 
Determining factor was safety!

Garage door to side of house

 Master bedroom\bathroom

Kitchen looking into bedrooms 
 View from where kitchen sink will be
 Dining room view
 Window in basement looking into back yard

View from back yard

downstairs room #3

 Downstairs room # 1 and some of  #2

 Cold Storage
 Basement family room

 living room