Friday, November 27, 2015


Road Trip
1200 miles & 17 hours in the car! 
Thanksgiving dinner with 19 wonderful people
Late nights watching movies & up to early! 
Swimming. Movies. Skating. Red Robin. 
Card Games. Having Fun. Visiting. Laughing. 

 Visiting my handsome nephews

 Turkey Day


 We played a lot of games, went skating,  and went swimming. In Saint George we went and watched Pan and went out for dinner @ Red Robin

 Roses from my sister
 And I hurt my wrist while skating. That's me!! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trefoil Ranch

Abigail and I had a wonderful weekend at Trefoil Ranch with the girl scout community's never the same weekend. We had so much fun! We went for a hike in the snow, played games, colored, worked on crafts, had a fun luau and luau activities, and we made new friends! I am so proud of my little girl scout. 

 Playing giant Jenga

 My sleeping area

 Abigail with her friends in the kids room

 Abigail and her friend made portraits of each other! So cute. 

Abigail LOVED serving breakfast!