Saturday, March 25, 2017

And we moved

We moved in February 25th!

Well after months of waiting we are finally here! 

***We got to move in but there is still a lot that needs to be done like all the cement work, some stone work, shower doors, tub faucets, bathroom mirrors... and so on! We did not care we needed to be out of the W.J. house and we sure did not want to pay rent!***

Goodbye! 15 years of memories! 

We filled 20 ft pod, 1 filled 20 ft trailer, 3 truck beds, a mini van, 2 cars, 1 flat bed trailer, and another 20 ft trailer! And I am embarrassed to say we had to make a few more trips! Mostly for items such as a fish tank, our piano, Don's Harley, garage items... 
But still I did not realize how much stuff we actually had until this move!  I can say I was amazed and a little shocked! 

We could not have Don it without all the wonderful people who showed up to help us. Friends and family. 
Some came out 2-4 days to help. We are so grateful! 

We are loving our home. You can see stars for miles. 
The air is clean, the people are so nice, 
and it is so so SO quiet day and night!

The dog's LOVE their new spot!

After being in the house for a month we finally got a driveway, walkways, and a patio poured! We waited for some sunshine! 

The house is still a work in progress. We still have a list of things that are not done that the contractor is working on. We have a basement and garage to still organize, and a lot of items to sale and take to good will. Oh and lets not forget the yard!!! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sledding, Snowman, and Skiing!

 Winter Fun

We had the best time going sledding at Soldier Hollow. 
This year we actually got to sled our whole time without
the runs being shut down! 

Abigail had a great time making snow angels with her dad afterwards. 

Building a snowman with Dad! 

First time skiing!
Dad took Abigail to Brighton. They had the best time and Dad said Abby is a natural. She has begged and begged to go back but we are about out of snow... She can't wait for winter to get here! HA HA!!