Sunday, February 27, 2011

our eventful week\weekend

Abigail and I started off this week by going to the Children's Discovery at Gateway Mall. We got up early ate a fast breakfast, then headed off to the Trax station. I had promised her we would ride the train. We had a great ride there it just took a little longer then I remembered. We went with two of my friends and their kids Cole and Isaiah. They all had a great time considering the place was packed! We then headed to lunch where Abigail and Cole and Isaiah ate, played tag, and got ice cream all over each other and everything.

Abigail and I had a scary time getting home because I first put us on the wrong trax train and we had to sit with a bunch of weirdo's for the longest time, then when we finally arrived to our drop off we were approached by some other weirdo wanting to give me his candy and go home with us. I of course declined and hurriedly went towards our vehicle as he then ran after us on the trax line to give Abby a hat. It was and adventure alright!!


She also spent a lot of time in time out!!! I'm kidding.....she likes to play with her best friend in his kennel for some reason. She asked for me to take this picture!

Saturday we had a fun time with our family for dinner. Don and I made tacos and Abigail and her cuzzies ran around, screamed with joy, and made messes. I am sorry to say i forgot I had a camera and didn't take any pictures. Aunt Sara did so we will have to upload it later...

Sunday we got up (even though mom and dad wanted to do nothing but sleep) got ready and headed to the Living Planet Aquarium. Abigail had a great time and loved loved the stingray's. She was very uneasy at first but then all she wanted was to touch them. She enjoyed watching all the fish and kept asking to see the dolphins. Unfortunately there are none there.

 These.....I forgot what they are called gave Abigail the jeebies over and over again.....
 I have decided next time I want a dog I will get a penguin instead!!
After we were done here we headed to the mall for lunch and Dad was going to take Abby on the train and the Carousal.

Abigail was upset because she picked to ride in this instead of on a horse. The nice lady stopped the ride halfway and let her change to a horse.


 She was telling dad she wanted the horse.
If only you could see her BIG smile.

Now we will go to bed.

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