Friday, February 18, 2011

Our piano

So Don and I decided we would purchase a piano.We both love*love*love piano music. So we are hoping Abigail will also not only love piano music but also want to learn and like to play. Don also wants to start taking lesson's since he did not pay much attention in his younger years and gave it up to be a sexy drummer boy! I would also love to learn BUT I know my brain can only soak up so much and it already seems to be on overload these days.

It was fun to go and look at different pianos. We no NOTHING about them so we really didnt have a clue as to what brand and all but I think we made a great decision. We ended up with a beautiful Weber piano. The peoplewe bought it from are going through a divorce and so they also threw in this...... I forgot what this is called.......

and these three boxes of music books. He also told us that if Don was serious and did learn all this music and he proved it to him he would give us all our money back! So get to work Don!!

There is every kind of music you could think of in these!
And Abby is already practicing with her Grandma.

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  1. Well...duh, it's called a metronome. I actually knew this and didn't have to look it up. Why I can remember this and not what's on my grocery list is beyond me!