Saturday, February 12, 2011

It seems to me that time is going by way to fast right now. One day runs to the next. Wake up, go to work, work, come home, eat, clean, go to bed. I am thankful that I only have to work part time. The two days I get with Abby all by myself keep me going. She is growing way too fast!

*We live very close to a LDS temple. So we drive by often. Abigail thinks it is a castle. So each time we are even getting close to it she starts screaming there it is there is the castle. A few weeks ago she starts screaming look at the freakin castle over and over and over. Don and I froze because freaking did not sound like freakin. At that point we realized she was saying freaking we started breathing some. We told her it was Jesus castle. So now she screams look mom Jesus castle! A few times she has said I want to go to Jesus. So precious.

*Since my dad has passed away Abigail is 100% sure he is at the Zoo. If you knew my dad you would think (because we do) that he had to have told her that's where he is. She has been to the zoo but I don't think she really knows what the Zoo is. Don and I have talked to her about this and she told up Papa told her he was there. In the past few weeks I have talked with her about this because she seems to be mentioning him while we are driving somewhere. She ask if we are going to get Papa. I have explained that Papa got sick and is with Jesus. So now she lets me know that Papa is at the zoo with Jesus.

* Ruger has become her best Ruger in the world. He is not her friend he is her Ruger. She loves that dog so much that I have to try really hard now to not think about sending him to the farm.

* She is into everything all the time. When you think you have your house child safe....think again. She can find markers a mile away. We have the walls to prove it. Yeah it sucks to have crayon, marker, and high lighter pictures all over but they are cute.

She is my little bebop..

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