Thursday, May 5, 2016

School Field Trip

I volunteered to go with Abigail's class on the 2nd grade field trip. 
So we hopped on the BIG stinky hot smelly school bus and I learn there really is not any 
air conditioning and not one seat belt! And it is not even summer yet but it was HOT! I was surprised at how clean it was though... 
We went to the Utah History Museum and then to Sunny Side park after for a picnic lunch.
 I had three kids total in my group. They were all so good and we had a lot of fun learning about a variety of things but on limited time. 
 I can not wait to go back on my with Don and Abby and spend more time there. 


Oh the wind

 Picnic lunch with her good friend Mackenzie

Being silly

Also this week is teacher appreciation week. Abigail went to the store and purchased a few of her teachers favorite things. She picked out some flowers and potted them, a bag of mini M & M's because her teacher loves chocolate, a cute #1 Teacher Trevis Tumbler with a bottle of her favorite drink, Root Beer. Then we got her a gift card to Target. She has been an amazing teacher for Abigail. She is from Hawaii and this is her first year teaching. Abigail looks forward to seeing her each day. We are very thankful to have her helping us to teach Abigail this school year.  I am amazed at the level of patience she has with the few kids that seem extremely hard to handle in her class. 

(I will get a picture later of Abigail and Miss Meleisea) 

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