Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book report

Abigail worked on a book report for about 1 month. 
She picked to learn about baby rabbits which was a great choice since we had a batch on the way. 
She documented everything she already knew, what she wanted to learn, and how she researched her subject. 

We ended up with 6 baby bunnies on April 17. 
3 Chestnuts
1 Black with a little white nose
2 White with grey noses, tails, and grey tipped ears
They are adorable

Abigail documented their growth each day after school with pictures. She has named each one and can tell the chestnuts apart... I can't! She has done amazing at taking care of them each day after school. They are little fluffy fluffs!

**Next post to see her babies** 

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