Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look who is 3

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AbIgAiL!!!

Time has gone by fast. We can not believe you are already 3!
 Just yesterday you were learning to sit up on your own.

You are very independent, smart, stubborn (just like BOTH your parents), happy, and caring. 
You love to cuddle in moms bed.  
You love to play, you ask everyday to play with your cousins and friends.
You like to sneak into our bed every night and then in the morning let us know you were being sneaky.
Your Ruger is your best friend and you let everyone know.
We even ask if we can be your best friend and you tell us no It's Ruger. 
You like to play tea party.
You love to play in matter where that water is.
You love Popsicles, you even ask for one as soon as you wake up.
You are in love with anything Christmas.
For two months you would wake up and tell us Santa is coming to town today, then at dinner you would tell us that you love Christmas Eve.
You LOVE working on writing letters and numbers.

Your favorite food's are.
Mac and Cheese
apples and peanut butter
eggs and ketchup
and you love peanut butter and honey.

Your name is very important and means a lot to all of us.
Abigail was the name of your Papa's grandmother. She was from Hawaii.
Ivy was the name of your Papa's mother, she was the most amazing woman I have ever met. 
And you were born on your Grandma's Judy's mom's birthday. Her name was Lois Graham.

Today we celebrated your birthday by having a fun day with mom and going to your favorite place
Chic-Fil-A for lunch. We snuggled and when dad got home from work we headed to Thanksgiving Point. You are in love with Dinosaurs right now so we went to the Dinosaur Museum.

We had a fun night!
I love you my baby girl!

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