Thursday, March 10, 2011

I won't forget about you...

If you know me you know I absolutely LOVE coffee! Always have. I like it as dark and syrupy as I can get it. If it has grounds in it its even better. I treasure it! Whether it is a plain cup of Joe, an almond latte, mint mocha, and one of my favorites is a white mocha with and extra shot and almond. I could drink the stuff all day. But since I have been sick and also had been suffering from severe pain from and ulcer I had temporally *tried* to give it up. It has been hard and like I said I have TRIED...

 But now I have to say I am also in love with tea. All kinds really. I like to get it as hot as possible and put a little raw honey in it. I have really enjoyed the Ttraditional Mmedicines brand and Yogi. I wont forget about you coffee BUT It may be a lot easier now to turn you down.

Yes I am bored enough to blog about tea and coffee.... This happens when you actually get time for yourself and still have no idea what to do with it!!

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