Sunday, October 9, 2016

New adventures

I really wish I had been on the ball with keeping the blog updated on our new family adventure... But I get ahead of myself and run out of time! 

Don and I have talked and talked about moving. We have always dreamt of going to Montana. We had planned 2 years ago to try for Montana. Don had a lead on a job up there. But with my health and no specialist up there that I could go to it would have meant driving to Utah a lot for doctor appointment's. And If I were to start getting sicker I would have to come to Utah to get care while Don and Abby stayed there. So long story short as much as we wanted this it just wasn't going to be the best choice. So we continued to toy with the idea of moving and 2 years later our dream is becoming a reality. 

In May we started the process to get the home ready and on the market. We were extremely lucky because before it even had a for sale sign up we had serious buyers already lined up! Pretty much before it even hit the market it was sold. We closed on July 26th! The family who purchased it paid in cash and even are nice enough that we are able to continue to live here while our new home is being built. We originally were allowed to rent back until December 27th but as the story goes our home is already behind schedule. So instead of having to hotel it for around a month the new owners are extending our rent back for us! 

Don and I started looking at homes in Payson. Once we realized that was going to be to far (even if I stopped working) we started to look in Morgan, Coalville, Mountain Green, Kamas, and Heber. After a week Kamas and Heber were out, due to distance. We continued to look in the Morgan area and found a lot of beautiful homes but nothing spoke to us. It was either a home that was ready to go on a small lot or a home that would need a ton of work on a large lot. So then that kinda made us start looking elsewhere. We wanted a large lot, at least 1\2 acre but preferably more and it had to be away from the large city. So I happened to find this cute little community in Tooele County. Stockton Utah is about 12 miles south of Tooele. We fell in love with the community of South Rim. There is a Lake within walking distance, Rush Lake (it seems to be empty a lot though), a community park, and a lot of community activities! After meeting with many builders, sellers, and banging my head up against the wall we finally found the right builder for us. We picked out a 1 acre lot and the house plan. Then because nothing can be that easy... We picked out a different lot that is almost 2 acres (I think 1.69 acres) and then had to pick out a different home that would work on the lot. After looking through numerous house plans we finally found the one. AMEN! Then it came to waiting and when your impatient and have a personal deadline (so we wouldn't have to move twice) the day finally came when we closed on our construction loan and the builder started getting to work. As of today we are still about 3-4 weeks behind schedule... But it is OK! The only goal I have set for myself is to go with the flow and "KEEP CALM AND DON'T FREAK OUT"! So far I feel like I have done good. We will see when we start actually having to pick out all the stuff for the exterior and interior! The great thing is Don and I make a great team and work together so I imagine it will all go smoothly... or as smoothly as possible! Don on the other hand is impatient and wants the house done now and wants to see it worked on each day. He gets frustrated when it seems to us to look like no work has been done when we go out there. I just remind him that it is out of our hands and that we need to not stress about it. And tell him to call and talk to our builder. 

I will have to be better about updating this journey so that I don't have to back post for a year! 

 So now on to pictures

These are the houses we chose in order and the one we finally ended up choosing!  
House #1
We loved this home. It was small which we wanted. Since there is only the 3 of us we wanted a small home and more property. 

We loved this house but it only lasted a few days until we seen #3


LOVE this home! 

Ours will be done in stone and stucco a few other changes. 

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