Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family foundation

As we are slowly packing our home up I came across our wedding flowers that have been sitting in a box since 1998. 
I also had a wreath my sister Becky made us with some of our wedding flowers also that just had seen it's last days on our wall. 
I couldn't get it to come clean anymore and it had started falling apart. I talked with Don and told him we should just throw them away. They had already pretty much been sitting in a box for 20 years why keep them to sit around another 20 or so years. Don had said he would think about it. A few days later Don had a great idea for our new home. He wanted us 3 to think about what we feel is important to and represents our family. After talking for a bit we headed to Hobby Lobby and and let Abigail pick out a wooden box that she could paint. Then we headed to the jewelry isle and picked out charms we felt represented what is important to us as a family. So we picked these charms out and along with our wedding flowers we drove out to our construction sight and buried the box with the charms and our wedding flowers. 
Under what will be our foundation.

My bouquet from our wedding
these represents the beginning of our journey 
(our foundation)

The wooded box Abigail picked out.
 She spent a lot of time painting it to be perfect.

The charms and what they represent to us 

To guide us, give us direction, and to keep us on the right direction so we don't loose our way

~To the Moon and Back~
Part of our family motto

For our never ending love. Our family is bound for all eternity

~Dream catcher~
To remember to always follow our dreams 
and let nothing stand in the way

If you know Abigail you know of her love for dandelions. 
She has always called them wishes and has brought 
Don and I many of these over the years. 
Abigail is our "BIGGEST" wish that came true

My dad. Because he is always watching over us.

~Let the Lord be with Us~
The Lord to watch over us and guide us. 

We will miss our Sunday's  at Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
We have made many friends and are active in many of the activities and services.
We plan on attending every other Sunday here is WJ and every other Sunday in our new area. 

To  remind us to be true to our heart and stay faithful to ourselves

~Red Rose~
For our everlasting love that keeps on blooming

~United States~
To remember to keep those who fought 
and continue to fight to for our freedom. 
Freedom to be different, safety, hope, respect, to never take advantage of what we have. To be thankful. 

To unlock the doors that stand in our way 
of making our dreams come true

Abigail and Dad hard at work digging.

 We were really unsure of what to call this. 
We have been saying it is our 
"foundation" under our "foundation"

I love, love, LOVE, my family! 

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