Friday, December 11, 2015

What was supposed to be a great night...

Abigail always wants to go with Don and I when we go see a play at the Desert Star Playhouse. Since they do a Christmas show I purchased us tickets and was really excited to take her. Long story short as soon as the lights went out Abigail turned to me and said in a teary voice she wanted to go home now. Not 5 seconds later she started puking. I tried to get her out as fast as possible and without her (or us) being to embarrassed. Did not work. Both of us were covered in vomit and so was the floor the whole way out. My poor baby girl. I felt really sad for her. We got her home and bathed and ended the night with cuddles and a movie. I should have known better because I had been in bed sick since the day before and didn't want to go myself. We won't be doing that again if either if us are feeling sick! At least I got a few pictures before the show...

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