Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My little Brownie

I have had the opportunity to be involved this year in Abigails girl scout troop. It is the greatest troop. Our troop is HUGE! We have Daisy's, Brownies, Juniors, Cadette's, and Seniors. All in one troop. This is awesome for many reasons. All the girls interact with each other. The older girls help the younger and everyone is just really nice and helpful. Each group of girls have their own leaders. We meet at a church which happens to be the one we go to already. 

Abigail has been working on many badges. The currant one is a journey badge which take a lot longer then other badges. She has been learning about healthy choices, exercises, conserving natural resources, and helping her community. The girls planned an outing to a senior center to give some Grandma's a manicure. They all did so great and loved the ladies. It was a night full of smiles and laughter. 

Abigail's cute grandma fell asleep!

This cute Grandma was giving a few of the girls a ride on her walker. She told us she should charge them hugs for the rides. 

I was really proud of Abby because she was very nervous about this. She did really well and just jumped right in and got to work painting nails and making new friends. 

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