Friday, June 5, 2015

Goodbye to 1st grade

Schools out for summer!!

Can I get an AMEN? 

So sad that my little girl is growing up so fast BUT so happy to have the summer back and NO school!! I have personally struggled this year with getting her to school on time and managing my work schedule. Ahhhhh many times!

Abigail did really well in school and again we felt like she was a bit bored and was not being challenged enough... I really wished I would had known I could have had her skip kindergarten. Her teach was great but lacked when it came to positive reinforcement and encouragement. Many times she reported that Abigail just told her that she was done reading... As I see it they read until the teacher says they are done. There is no giving up and no un-finished projects. But she was also rough around the edges and I should have listened to my head when it told me repeatedly to try to get her moved to another class. This is something that will not be ignored for 2nd grade. Abby excelled in reading. She is reading above her grade level. She is really great at math and enjoyed science. It has been amazing to watch her blossom. She is very independent but is very attached to her mom and dad. No complaints on that one! We are again trying to get her into the local charter school for 2nd grade. If I get to be a stay at home mom sooner then later I will home school but for know that isn't an option. I am so very proud of her and I am not counting the days for school to start in the Fall!

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