Thursday, June 11, 2015

40 is the new 20

LORDY! LORDY! Look who's 40!

Happy Birthday to my Babe! 

We celebrated Don's birthday by going to the park and having a pot luck lunch with family and a few friends. Abby and I put together his senior starter kit! Being 40 these items defiantly are needed! 

We gave him
* a hot pad for his sore muscles
*aspirin for heart health
* anti diarrhea and a laxative because getting old you need this stuff!
* reading glasses with a large print word find
* a notebook necklace to he can write down where he parks so he don't get lost
*sports car (matchbox) he had said a few nights before "I am going to be 40 and I do not even have a sports car" :)
*and for his special date nights some Viagra
*a senior name tag and senior ID number
*and Abigail's favorite some baby food for when his teeth fall out. She giggled about this for days!

We had a great time and got to visit with everyone. Then the next day, his birthday he had to work so Abby and I got his real gifts together and had a BBQ when he got home from work. I hope he loved every minute of it and felt loved!

We love you more and more each second!

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