Thursday, June 11, 2015

Backyard camping!

Had a great time with setting up "camp" in the backyard. 
After Don taught Abigail how to set up our tent we decided to sleep under the stars! Was so nice until around 2:00 am when the sprinklers turned on! I woke up and thought it was raining and Don was no where to be found... I thought he abandoned us to finish his night in our bed!
 Nope he was in the garage turning the sprinklers off! 

We enjoyed a campfire, roasted hot dogs and made smores, played games, a bike ride to the Snow Shack, told camp fire stories and sang songs, and had a great time watching the fire department put out a fire from a power pole that blew up. Oh and I can't forget that we very much enjoyed being the kittens play land ALL NIGHT LONG!

We had a great night spending it together and making memories. 

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