Thursday, May 22, 2014

Koda Bear

Jungle Boogie


Abigail has worked hard for the past few months learning a new dance routine. The theme was Jungle Boogie. She did a great job!

**Thanks Uncle Jayson and Aunt Becky for coming and supporting me** 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Zoo trip

We spent another day enjoying the Zoo. 

Abigail & Ashton

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

I had a great Mother's Day

First off I got woken up at 6:24, then at 6:50, then again at 7:14. ( I went to bed around 2 am)
At this time I just stayed up. Don was at work so I needed to get up and make sure the little monster was being good. 

So Saturday night I got a long talk from Abigail about how she is going to have me stay in bed and she is going to bring me breakfast in bed. SWEET! 

At about 7:30 am Abigail tells me to stay in bed and she will be back. I hear all the commotion in the kitchen and I am actually looking forward to whatever I am getting for breakfast. Abigail comes in (empty handed) and tells me to come to the kitchen, she is ready. Well I walk into the kitchen expecting either a bowl of cereal or a box of cereal all over the floor. But nope the kiddo had gotten all the needed items for me to cook her french toast. She is excited and tells me it is all ready for me as she runs to my room climbs in my bed and turns on Netflix...


So yes we both enjoyed french toast for breakfast

The day goes S  L  O  W. I am dragging. Abigail is ready to run a marathon. About 1 I decided I better get her busy so I got her Birthday money out she has been saving and we headed to Toys R Us. We went through every isle. I wished I was a kid. She picked out what she wanted and we headed home. And YES she lets me take a 25 minute nap!
Here is what she purchased... Of all the toys she could have picked from! I let her buy what she wanted and tried to not put my nose in it. 

 When Dad got home from work they took me to one of my favorite places. Bonsai Steakhouse. 
Abigail gave me my Mothers Day present. It was a cute card that sings  Isley Brothers "It's your thing" and a beautiful Bromeliad plant. I love plants! 

Don got me a funny card (Abby picked it out for him) and a pair of the most beautiful earrings with Abigail's birthstones in them. Aquamarine So pretty!

As always I am spoiled. 
After my rant about Mothers Day... It is not that I do not love Mothers Day. I do. I just hope I do practice what I preach and remind those that are important to me how much they mean to me more then a few days a year. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have the best family! 
We know how to enjoy a Saturday morning! 


“Count your blessings” is simple to the point of stupid — and powerful to the point of life-altering. Gratitude, that very specific feeling of thankfulness in your heart, allows you to see and absorb all you have, forgetting for a moment all you may lack. It connects your brain with your heart, and gives you the ground to be a more giving, effective, loving human. Being grateful allows generosity to flow. And many believe it also makes us more receptive—as in, the more you love what you have, the more you get what you want. So herewith, a list to remind you of fundamental things to be grateful for every day—from Autumn to ice cream to getting enough nightly Zzz’s.

A - Abigail, Animals, Autumn
B - Books, Blankets, Bible
C - Companionship, Communication, Cuddles
D - Don, Date nights, Dad
E - Energy, Enthusiasm
F - Friendships, Freedom, FAMILY, 
G - Grandparents, Ginger, 
H - Home, Hope, Hugs
I -  Imagination,  Ice cream
J - Jokes, Jacuzzi's, Joy, Joe's Valley
K - Kindness, Kittens, 
L - Love, Laughter, Lilac's 
M - Marriage, Mom, Movie nights, Music
N - Nieces & Nephews, Naps
O - Opportunities, Ocean, Oreo's
P - Patience, Principles, Puppy Kisses
Q - Quiet time, Questions
R - Random acts of kindness, Fresh raspberries
S - Sisters, Security, Storms, Shooting Stars
T - Thunder, Taku Lodge
U - Understanding, Uniqueness
V - Values, Violets, Valentines
W -  Work, Walking Dead, Wilderness, Waterfalls, Wishes
X - eXcitement, Xifaxan
Y - Yard-work, Yogurt, Yellow Dandelions
Z - Zzz's, Zucchini bread, Jazz

Friday, May 9, 2014

hair cut

Well she may be "old" enough to know better. Yep it happened Abigail cut her own hair.

We are so lucky thought that she decided to trim some off instead of give herself an actual hair cut!

While combing her hair the other morning I notice an area that was a bit shorter then the rest. I asked her who cut her hair. After a bit of stammering around it she said some girl named "Jessica" did it from her school. I told Abby that I would be talking to this "Jessica" today that I was not happy about it. Abby then said "I have to be honest with you mom. I just did it myself because when I'm like you are now I want to have some hair to show my daughter what my hair color was and looked like when I was little" at this point I just smiled and we went about our morning. How am I supposed to be mad at her decision to cut her hair! Too stinking cute. 

I have to be honest though... I was secretly hoping that if someday she decided to give herself a hair cut she would take a few inches off. I have been wanting to get her hair cut short for a bit since I am the one that does her hair and it is constantly knotted up. Nope not gonna happen...

Barley noticeable
 She hid it is a safe place


Is it wrong that I do not really look forward to and get all excited about 
Mothers Day? Sounds so mean.... You know I love spoiling Don on Fathers Day (I love to spoil him each day) and I do like to make sure he has a great Fathers Day.

 I just feel like we should all celebrate our Mothers and Fathers every day. We should thank them often for all they have done for us and continue to  do, we should say a lot of "I love you", and let them know how much they are appreciated. To set one day aside a year to make a big deal out of your mom, wife... ect. Just seems silly to me. I know I am loved and appreciated every day. I get little art projects, hugs, kisses, and compliments throughout the year from Abigail. Don leaves me many love notes that I wake up to, he tells me he appreciates me, and he thanks me for all I do all the time. I know I am spoiled by both of them. 

I tell my mom I love her  each time we talk. )And most of the time that's a few times a day) , we spend time together, we talk to each other on the phone, she knows I appreciate her. I am there when she needs me and she is here when I need her.

When my dad was alive it was the same for him and I. 
Just because he is in heaven does not mean he isn't in my heart every second of my day.  If it wasn't for Don Fathers Day would just be a painful reminder of what I have lost.  

I don't know
Maybe I am just nuts...

Maybe it is because all these holidays have become so out of control and we think buying gifts, sending flowers, and spending money is more important then just simply spending time with each other enjoying each others company.  

(And then Don goes out and buys me earrings!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Abigail entered her first contest. And won! She entered a contest at her dentist office. It was the April selfie contest. To fun!

She won a $25.00 gift card to the new Living Planet Aquarium. 

Here was her entry