Friday, May 9, 2014


Is it wrong that I do not really look forward to and get all excited about 
Mothers Day? Sounds so mean.... You know I love spoiling Don on Fathers Day (I love to spoil him each day) and I do like to make sure he has a great Fathers Day.

 I just feel like we should all celebrate our Mothers and Fathers every day. We should thank them often for all they have done for us and continue to  do, we should say a lot of "I love you", and let them know how much they are appreciated. To set one day aside a year to make a big deal out of your mom, wife... ect. Just seems silly to me. I know I am loved and appreciated every day. I get little art projects, hugs, kisses, and compliments throughout the year from Abigail. Don leaves me many love notes that I wake up to, he tells me he appreciates me, and he thanks me for all I do all the time. I know I am spoiled by both of them. 

I tell my mom I love her  each time we talk. )And most of the time that's a few times a day) , we spend time together, we talk to each other on the phone, she knows I appreciate her. I am there when she needs me and she is here when I need her.

When my dad was alive it was the same for him and I. 
Just because he is in heaven does not mean he isn't in my heart every second of my day.  If it wasn't for Don Fathers Day would just be a painful reminder of what I have lost.  

I don't know
Maybe I am just nuts...

Maybe it is because all these holidays have become so out of control and we think buying gifts, sending flowers, and spending money is more important then just simply spending time with each other enjoying each others company.  

(And then Don goes out and buys me earrings!)

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