Friday, May 9, 2014

hair cut

Well she may be "old" enough to know better. Yep it happened Abigail cut her own hair.

We are so lucky thought that she decided to trim some off instead of give herself an actual hair cut!

While combing her hair the other morning I notice an area that was a bit shorter then the rest. I asked her who cut her hair. After a bit of stammering around it she said some girl named "Jessica" did it from her school. I told Abby that I would be talking to this "Jessica" today that I was not happy about it. Abby then said "I have to be honest with you mom. I just did it myself because when I'm like you are now I want to have some hair to show my daughter what my hair color was and looked like when I was little" at this point I just smiled and we went about our morning. How am I supposed to be mad at her decision to cut her hair! Too stinking cute. 

I have to be honest though... I was secretly hoping that if someday she decided to give herself a hair cut she would take a few inches off. I have been wanting to get her hair cut short for a bit since I am the one that does her hair and it is constantly knotted up. Nope not gonna happen...

Barley noticeable
 She hid it is a safe place

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