Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Memories by me...

My dad was a great man. 
He could make you laugh in an instant, make you madder 
then anything in the drop of a hat and then make you laugh some more.

 He wanted everyone to think (and some of you still might) that he was tough as nails. And there was many times when I thought he was. Over the past 7 years I had gotten to know my dad even more though I new him all my life. My dad had a soft heart, he did care about everyone around him, but he just didn’t want anyone to know.  I have 33 years of great memories of my dad. I would just like to share a few.

My dad had a great sense of humor. I remember when I bought my first car and him telling me not to forget my blinker fluid and how he laughed when I came home and told him there was no such thing. I remember him teaching me how to fish and when we went fishing we were not aloud to breath for fear we were scaring all the fish, to shoot a rifle and how Jessie and I would go behind him and bury all the pot guts, how he told us to clean the ska-lee-bis out of the sinks.
I will always remember how he had a name for everyone he would meet, and many more people that just happened to cross his path where ever that may be.  I enjoyed going with him to the gun shows for many reasons but I will always remember how much fun it was watching for the regulars that he had his names for. I enjoyed him telling people to keep their dirty hands off his guns even though he was selling them. He always thought they were ripping him off if they offered him even a penny less then what he was asking. Yet no one’s gun was worth even close to what they were asking. There stuff was garbage. 

 I remember his face when I brought Abby home, the tears in his eyes, he was so happy. When Don would get home from work he would matter of fact tell him I had hid her all day from him in my room, I remember watching him with Kaydon, he had so much pride for his little cowboy, how he cradled Ashton in his arms tight with a big smile, he had such a gleam in his eyes  watching each dance recital and song Camille would sing in the living room, even a small smile  when she would run up and smack him on the belly for sleeping at the table. And I remember when we all first met Erica. You are his first grandchild even though you came into our family when you were a little toddler he loved you with all his heart. 
He will always be your Papa Bill.

I am going to miss you dad. I’m going to miss your fiery attitude, your jokes (even the ones I found not so funny), your smile, and those soft green eyes.    
I love you dad……

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