Saturday, April 2, 2016

Birthday Bash #8

Happy Birthday to our Abigail!
I can not believe she is 8 already. She is growing up way to fast and time is flying. 
Cherish every moment. 

 Birthday Breakfast
All she wanted
French Toast with powdered sugar

I decorated while she was at school. She came home to a surprise party with dad and I
We went swimming and had got take out from India Palace for dinner. 
We enjoyed eating our Chicken Tikka Marsala while watching a movie together. 

Star Wars cake
*thank you Sunny Days Cakes*
the BEST tasting cake I have ever eaten

 Her reaction to seeing the sign on the garage and to walking into the house and seeing the dining room decorated and ready to party! 
 THIS made my whole DAY. Seeing the excitement on her face!

 Birthday presents
All she wanted was:
Minion Fart Blaster (seriously she was so SO so excited about this)
* Summer outfit
*backyard games
*Star Wars coloring book

Happy Birthday to you sweet Abigail

 Ready to party

 Classic Fun Center
Birthday Bash

we put together Light sabers and Ewoke gummy's for party favors
 Her cake

Thank you to everyone that came. We had a lot of fun and Abigail LOVES spending the time with her cousins and friends. 
She loved all her gifts and most of all skating with everyone and enjoying the laughs and fun. 

I was pretty excited to try out my new skates. I was tired of renting the used smelly beat up skates. Love these! Riedell R3 demon quad derby skates. 

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