Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Someone is 8

Happy Birthday

 I can not believe this girl is 8 years old! 8! Where did the time go?

A little bit about this young girl of mine

Her favorite meal is: Chicken Tikka Masala
Favorite drink: Hot cocoa & water
Her favorite places to eat: India Palace, Olive Garden,  India Palace, Cheesecake Factory, 
and of course India Palace

She loves to perform and writes her own music
loves to Dance, play her guitar and the piano 
Is involved in girl scouts and loves to be a Brownie
Her best friend is Kimberly
She in compassionate and smart beyond her years
She is caring, a great friend, has a fun loving personality
Loves to swim, go skating, and play with her friends
She will pick a television show on Netflix and watch the whole season in a few days
And at the last season finale she CRIES! breaks my heart. 

She is very sensitive and loves to read books and learn about anything and everything
She enjoys science and doing experiments
Her favorite movies and shows: All the Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Girl meets world. Good luck Charlie, Jessie, Lab Rats, and Fuller House

Growing to fast and seriously ADORABLE

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