Monday, September 9, 2013


My baby is 5!

Since Don and I know what we are doing....Kidding! We planned a vacation right before and during the week school started. So she got to start a few days after everyone else. I took her into have her kindergarten testing and after 28 minutes of an hour test they sent us on our way. The teacher said that she had scored so well and she wasn't even getting to the end of a question before Abby answered . She scored the highest in her class.  

Her first day of school I took work off so that I could bring her and pick her up. She let me know at least 5 times that "She was fine and not to worry"! Big Girl! She has a wonderful day and was so happy to be in school! I verily made it to the curb to head to my car before I broke down and cried... SOBBED is more like it. The first week went so smooth and I am feeling emotionally better!

Abby made a new friend his name is Paul. She let her dad know when he picked her up that Paul was nice and handsome and when she was older she was going to marry him! We are in trouble!

September 9 2013

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