Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun times

Last October Don, Abigail, and I braved going camping in a tent. We have not tented it since 1998. We both love camping and go every chance we get but we have been spoiled having a trailer with a toilet, running water, power, television, and nice comfy beds. We have decided that Abigail needs to learn what "roughing it" means. 

Fun times....
 * We don't have lots of things to camp with without a trailer anymore
 * I packed some plastic tubs with our food and other items in them, I could never find anything I needed.  
* Our tent took forever to set up and it was frustrating since Lori sat up their tent and bedding in        about10 minutes...we took at least 30 minutes. Plus our tent has no top but net.
 * It stormed around dinner time, my hot dog bun was soggy.
 * Abigail had not had to until this night go poop in the woods....It took her at least 4 hours to finally go. We had to walk to our bathroom spot every 5 minutes during those 4 hours.
* We were to go fishing in the morning with Lori, Steve, and Cole but Don was to sick so we packed up and went home. ( I was feeling a little sick also)
* Don got sick...IN THE TENT... It was great! Nothing like waking up to throw up all over.
I have to say I love having a trailer but I did enjoy tenting it.

 We will definitely rough it again. But next time we will be better prepared and maybe have a bit more non trailer items.

Here are some fun pictures.

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