Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joe's Valley 2011

Our annual canyon dance and Joe's Valley trip.
Yes I am posting this late but better late then never.

Don, Abigail and I went to the annual Canyon Dance in Ophir and then headed up to our little piece of Heaven. We had 11 days of no work, no worries, and most importantly time with each other.
Here are some pictures of Ophir at the canyon dance. Abby got a BIG surprise....
 Her first BIG girl bike!
 Bouncing away

 She loves to swing
 Abigail won some stickers. A few minutes after getting in the trailer it became quiet and there she was putting the whole page of stickers on her face! So cute!

Heaven....A.K.A. Joe's

I have been going to Joe's since I was born and Don has been coming up here since 1996. This is the place we run to when we need to leave it all behind.

Sweet Abigail

Abby and her best Friend

 Miss pout pout

And so we learned we can't keep him out of the water. At one point he tried to swim across the lake.

Abigail fishing with dad
Something is on her pole.....
 Her very first fish!
So proud
See ya next year....

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