Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So I have been slacking some on updating the blog....
We have been extremly busy at our house. I started back to work full time and it is a good thing because we will have more money and health insurance BUT it has also been a HUGE adjustment. Not only for Abigail but for me also.  I never wanted to be a mom that had to work. I know in the real world most mom's have to work I always just hoped we would survive enough for me to be one of those lucky mom's. I do consider myself lucky enough to be able to stay home her first year and a half and the other year and a half to only have to work a few days a week. Life goes on.....
She is really enjoying her school though and has made many friends. So that is a plus!

Anyways..... A few weeks ago we stayed in Park City for the weekend and Abiagil enjoyed having her friend Cole spend the night and going to ride Thomas The Train in Heber. Very fun but definatly not worth the $18 per ticket for a 25 minute ride! Here a a few pictures of her weekend adventure.

 It snowed twice while we were there and we got to see Deer.
 They were watching "UP" cuddling on the couch.

These two are so cute together. They shared a blanket  and even held hands while wating the movie.



  1. Looks like FUN. What a neat friendship. They look cute together.