Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sometimes (like this week) I feel like I have fallen into a big black hole and can't climb out. There is so much to do, so much I want to do, never enough time, money, time, money..... I want to give up and just stay in bed and forget about it all.... BUT I can't and I won't.  Sometimes it is good to make lists....

  The bad
1. Having to work and leave Abby with a sitter.
** This makes me feel like a "bad" mom, guilty, lonely, sad..... Yes I can go on.
2. Having to work 7 days a week at 3 different jobs.
***Though it has been interesting.....
3. Not spending any quality time being a good wife or having nice family time.
*** I hope he remembers I Love Him.....
4. Letting the things go that I normally wouldn't.
*** throwing clean laundry on the bed, dirty on the floors, not making the bed, not dusting, vacuuming, and so on and so on...
5. That my house has been on the market for 1 year and no luck.
***This one going to the good list would solve so much.. So come people buy my house.
6. 2 vehicles that are due for taxes, emissions, and inspection
***Why do we all have to pay taxes every year? OK I know why but come on really!
7. 1 car that need some serious fixing before it falls apart while in motion.
8. Abby needing surgery and not being able to pay for it.
***Our insurance ROCKS....
9. Dr. Bill's and bill collectors
***seriously where do you want me to get more money from
10. Knowing you must take better care of yourself so you can watch your daughter grow but all the days run together and there is never enough of this and that...

The Good

Don and I just won the lottery! You now personally no people that are billionaires!!!! We are taking you all on a very long vacation.

 I have a wonderful husband, he is my soul mate. He puts up with my tantrums, works hard to bring home the bacon, and cuddles me each night. Abigail, my amazing, beautiful, funny, smart, girl! She makes my whole life brighter. I have a job (well 3). I meet people all the time that struggle to feed their family, pay their bills, and enjoy anything. I have a great family. The cutest nieces and nephews. A mother that is going to play with Abby three days a week so we can save on daycare.... You have no idea how much that is going to help! A funny puppy that lights up Abby's day by being her "crazy dog". Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy!!

It is so wrong that I can't think of more good..


  1. Rhonie, It must be something in the air because for the past few days I have been in some sort of funk. I've even been thinking that I should find a part-time job if only to see if I can remember how to be a normal person and not just "mommy". You and Don are both awesome, hard workers and great parents. Hold you head up!! Love you!!

  2. PS...where/when/how long is the vacation. Thanks in advance for the great time!! Love you being a billionaire!!

  3. One more thing for the good column! You are LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite everything that seems to fall on your head you have people around you that love you! We are here for you. We love you! I hope the sun starts shining soon! & I am always up for vacations from billionaires!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOX