Sunday, April 16, 2017


Easter 2017

Fun neighborhood Easter egg hunt and social. 

The Smith's got together for Easter the weekend before at a great park in Provo. Everyone played some fun games and we had a delicious lunch! 

Easter morning Don cooked us our tradition Easter breakfast of aebleskivers. We then went for a walk in the canyon. My family came over for dinner later that afternoon.

It was actually a bit sad. Abigail got up really early and did not wake me up. She could not see her basket and so she went in and told Grandma that she must not had gotten anything from us or the bunny. By the time I woke up she had been upset and some tears had been shed. This will be the last time we hide her basket... Mistake #6754

 Planting the jelly beans! 

The basket was hidden on the patio... 

Easter morning
First time we have been able to have the egg hunt outside! 

 She had both pups and one of her cats help her find the eggs!

  Roxy and Ruger found the Buried jelly beans that grew suckers!

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