Thursday, November 17, 2016

Meet the Author

We got to meet Brandon Mull

 Got a first edition in hardcover for free from a very nice
man who was there to get books signed. 
He said he just happened to have 1 extra. and then bought the rest on paperback. 
He was nice enough to sign each book! Abby is on book 1, Don is finished, and I am on book 5. We have all enjoyed this series and are now going to start the Beyonders series.  Don and I did our's on audio books but I will read these again with Abigail.

I absolutely LOVE that she can get lost in a book like I did at her age. There is nothing better then reading.

We are excited! 

Sequel series to Fablehaven • Coming March 14, 2017

Kendra and Seth are back in a whole new adventure. An uprising of dragons threatens to destroy the magical preserves as well as overrun the nonmagical world. In ancient times, Dragonwatch—a group of wizards, enchantresses, dragon slayers, and others—confined the majority of dragons to sanctuaries. That effort is now crumbling. Dragonwatch must be reunited. The dragons must be stopped.

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