Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Don's new love

Donny has day dreamed for a long time about the motorcycle of his dreams.

 He bought a Honda Shadow about 5 yeas ago 
it was a "starter"bike. 

It took Don a long time to talk me into the first bike
 and now look at us... 

Our new Harley Davidson Road King

This bike is a 2008 with only 3000 miles on it. It has pretty much been garaged and babied!  Mint condition. 
All I can say is Don is SPOILED! But then again so am I! 

Well you see when we lost our last pup to cancer Don was set on waiting for a long time until we got another dog for many reasons but for one Abby was only 2. So our deal was a Dog for a Hog! And see we got Ruger. Then 3 years later we got our Roxy. Well he has been talking about getting another bike and we agreed a Dog for a Hog... SO this is what I am thinking! 

 How cute would it be. Ruger, Roxy, &??
I did tell him I would settle for a trampoline for Abigail instead
We will see what he decides! 

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