Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mommy daughter day

Abigail needed blood work done last year BUT the days turned into months and then here we are a year and a half later! It took us this long to get her comfortable with the idea! She had blood work done when she was around 3 and it just wasn't a great experience plus we have "issues" anyway since she had surgery. So anyways my gorl finally decided she was brave enough to try. I promised her I would take her to Build A Bear if she could be brave. Well long story short the Dr. ended up getting her blood work done by pricking her finger!! Why can't I get mine done this way?!?! But a promise is a promise! And we are happy to report all her liver enzymes were 100% perfect! 

So no more testing for a few years!

 We started our day off with waffles and ended it with watching a Halloween movie and painting crafts from heartfelt Wall Hangings. 

She was extra spoiled because they were doing a buy two for $35 and the one she picked was $28 and I had a $12 coupon! What a deal! (not really but anything for my girl) After Build A Bear we went to lunch. She enjoyed Chic Fil A and I enjoyed a cup of tomato basil soup from Corner Bakery! Then we had to stop at Pretzel Maker her other favorite place at the Mall. We had a great day out and had fun laughing at each other being silly!

 Abigail's creations! Spoktacular and the Halloween block

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