Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lagoon & the SLC Fair

We enjoyed going to Lagoon last month in July and then to the Salt Lake County Fair yesterday. We had a lot of fun at both places. Abby rode all her favorite rides at Lagoon and I got to ride the new Cannibal. It was AWESOME! Abby loves all the rides that I can no longer handle without vomiting all over so I am lucky that her Dad likes them as well and rides them all with her. I am more of a roller coaster person, no spinning round and round rides for me anymore. We surprised Abby with going to the fair and as usual she got mad because she HATES being surprised! HA HA!! I think she almost even cried. We got to see all the cute bunnies and chickens, enjoyed the petting zoo where we fed all the cute little goats, rabbits, ponies, baby cow, and a cute baby Camel! Then of course she got to ride all the rides and as usual made a new friend who she enjoyed riding a few rides with.

You can not see them well but here is a mommy peacock with her babies! So adorable!

 These two made me laugh so much 

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