Sunday, March 29, 2015

What!! 7 year old! Already!!

Seven years ago today at 7:24 in the morning this little beauty was born. 

She is our everything. 

She is full of love, kindness, and the right amount spice. 
Her favorite meals are chicken tikka masala, mom's homemade fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and dad's chicken enchiladas. 
She loves going for bike rides, walking her pups, and swimming. 
She LOVES animals of all kinds, going to art class, and being a Girl Scout. 
She loves to sing and dance, learn about anything and everything, and to read her books. 
She loves the outdoors! To fish, hike, and to go camping. 
She will dress up like a princess and then go play in the dirt. 
She makes friends no matter where we are and is always loving towards others. 
We are very blessed to have such a sweet daughter and I thank God each day for her! 

Her Invitation

She still wants her cuddles each night from mom and dad.
She loves her time with mom reading. 
She has deep conversations with her Dad and enjoys learning all he has to offer  and listening to his stories. She has the perfect part of both of us. 

We celebrated at Classic fun Center. She loved spending her day with her family and friends. 

 Uncle JC

 After those who could went to one of her favorite places to eat. HuHot!

 Silly Aunt Laura!

Sunday (her actual Birthday) She got her big present from mom and dad. She had outgrown her little princess bike so It was time for her to get a big bike. She loves it!

We went to the zoo

Funny Dad!

And we ended the night watching Big Hero 6 and a birthday song from dad!

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