Saturday, March 29, 2014

6 years

At 7:34 6 years ago our life changed. 
All our prayers were answered. We became parents to our princess. 
It took us 12 years to get you here. You are our dream come true.
Happy birthday Abigail Ivy! 
You are so full of laughter, smiles, and curiosity. 
You want to know everything from why the sky is blue to how 1000 years ago did people pant food.You are reading and doing math well above your grade.
You have a kind heart and are full of love. You the most outgoing person I have ever known. 
Your favorite food is creamy chili enchiladas and chicken tikka masala. 
You love to dance, sing, and play. Your favorite shows are survivorman, man woman wild, and duel survivor. You like to go to Alaska ( in the backyard) and live off the land. 
Your favorite colors are pink and purple. You LOVE shoes and lip gloss, dresses, and bows. 
You LOVE dirt, rocks, worms, and bugs. You love all animals and have many you care for. 
Your a great nurse to mom when needed. You can cook and bake many items. 
You make dad and I very proud. 
We love you more then you could imagine.
As Abigail would say "I love you like a rock star".

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