Friday, February 14, 2014


Abigail made chocolate covered pretzel's for her teachers.
She worked really hard and made a BIG mess.
 It was fun and worth the hour it took to clean up. 

She put together some Valentines for her Kindergarten class
and gave out fruit snacks to her day care friends.
She had a Mad Hatter Tea party at school. It was so fun. I got to go visit with her.
She was really excited to pass out her Valentines to her class mates.

She made posters for her Daddy and Grandma
And she made pictures for Don and I.

She told her dad she was going to hide them in her best hiding place... under her bed!
She did not realize that she was explaining her hiding place to her dad!
 (But we already know about it)

We sneaked into my Moms apartment building early this morning
and left her a Valentines on her door. 

We had dinner with my Uncle and Aunt Perkins and our good friend Brad and his two adorable boys. (We missed you Megan!) 
The Menu 
Mom's choice: Cheese fondue (scorched)
Dad's choice fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & gravy
Abigail's choice chocolate fondue

We got Abigail some balloons & a card
Dad brought both of us home a rose and a box of chocolates

Dad got a stout & his favorite cheddar cheese popcorn

She loved her card so much she slept with it.
I found her like this!

I folded it up so it wouldn't get ruined

And last but not least today is also National Donor Day.
Please if you are not an organ donor sign up to be and talk to your family about your wishes.
You never know when organ donation may touch your loved ones.

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