Friday, January 31, 2014

Eagle of the day

Abigail was so proud. So was mom and dad. 
She got "Eagle of the day" at her school. 

When we got into the car she said " When my teacher said my name my heart just stopped and got big and broke. I was so excited mommy" ! 

To funny!

Unfortunately one of her prizes was a regular size Root Beer! If you know Abigail and have had the opportunity to be around her after sugar you know what a soda would do. After 6 hours of literally bouncing of the walls I have decided that I will be buying her another at the store and letting her drink it before school on Monday morning. When the teacher tell's me how her day was I will tell her that payback is a bitch! 

Sounds like a good plan to me but I wont follow through because I wouldn't put Abby through another 6 hours of a sugar rush to prove a point.

I have to admit I didn't do the best job monitoring her at home, I left the room and she guzzled it

I also learned a lesson...

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