Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun times

Tonight we played Old Maid and Go Fish. I have to say that I had the greatest time watching Abigail learn some card games. She loves to play games and we play them often. Her favorite games right now are Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Curious George discovery beach, and Wheels on the Bus.

When playing Old maid she would tell us what card to pick and would scream "Dad has the Old Maid". She was giggling the whole time. Her giggle makes me so happy.

Some of the things this girl has told me this week

*Mom I am 5 now, I get to do what I want
*I will love you forever, even when I am 32 and 16
*When I grow up and have babies I will still live with you, I will never move out
*When I grow up I am going to be a dentist, then the next year a Veterinarian, and then the next year a paleontologist, then I will chose which one forever
*I love you so much mom my head hurts

She has set up a trap in the back yard to catch whatever may step into it.
She has picked me her favorite flower every day this week. A dandelion. I always have dried dandelions in my car, pockets and purse.

This was so sweet and it broke my heart but I have to remember
She said "Mom you can't have anymore babies right"? I said yes honey I can not have any more babies. She then said "That makes me so sad because I want a brother or sister really bad" As I held back my tears she leaned over and hugged me and said "mom I love you, I am sorry your liver is sick, it's Okay I guess" She is 5! She is amazing!

She got her first BIG hair cut. 6 inches off!
She has started sleeping with a night mask on!

Here are a few pictures of her over the past week. 

Night 1
 Night 2

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