Friday, March 29, 2013

My Girl

Abigail Ivy Smith

Our little girl turned 5 years old today! Unbelievable  She has brought so much happiness into our lives and has made us as a family complete. We tried for 12 years to bring her home to us. She is our dream come true and the answer to many of our prayers. I know we spoil her most times  (I say WE because it is not just her momma it is her daddy as well) but she is everything we always wanted. She brings so much joy to us each and every second. 

Only a few things about her. If I listed them all the list would never stop...

*She is named after my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother: Abigail Merseberg and Ivy Roberta Zeller. and she was born on Lois Graham birthday who was her other Great Grandmother. 

* She is very outgoing and will make friends everywhere no matter what their age! 

* She is very soft hearted and cries easily specially if someone she care about is sad.

*She is a very silly girl! She loves to put on dances and sing to us. She can make toe most silliest of faces. 
She has a game called "Dackla Dackla Do Wake Up and go to School" She made it up even the name. If you come over she will most likely make you go play it with her!

* She LOVES her family. She has such love to share. She is always thinking of others and is always wanting to be with her family specially her cousins, Aunts and Uncles. 

* She loves to play games, paint, play stickers, and bead.

*She wants to be a Dentist and a Paleontologist when she grows up. She loves going to the dentist! 5 years cavity free!

* She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES animals. She has chickens, cats, a bunny, and a dog. Her dog is her partner in crime. She has a special chicken named Sassy that even goes down her slide with her. 

* She can count to 65, write and spell, reads some words, and is learning math skills. 

* She knows all about how to survive in the wild, what to eat, and how to build a fire and shelter. (hahaaaa) Her favorite shows are Duel Survivor and Man, Woman, Wild. 

* Is a little Diva when shopping for clothes. (I am a woman, I like to shop, BUT I have never seen a 5 year old shop like her)

*She still sleeps with us. At least she is usually in our bed by 2 am. I LOVE it. There is nothing better then being kicked, getting your hair pulled, cuddled, and being able to wake up next to her sweet smile. 

* Loves to cook and calls her apron a "bra" no matter how many times we correct her.  She actually has a few dishes she prepares and cooks almost all by herself. 

* She is very stubborn and full of spunk! (Stubborn from daddy...Spunky from her mommy)

* She has a favorite bunny she sleeps with each night. 

* She dances and love tumbling classes. She loves to preform. 

*She won't go to bed unless we sing songs first.

*She is a perfect split between her mom and dad!

I love you to the moon and back

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