Monday, May 28, 2012

Fishing Trip

Today we went to Deer Creek with the Smith's. 
It was pretty cold and there was tons of people. 
The fishing started out good and within about 20 minutes I hear a thud... I turn and see Abigail's fishing pole fly into the lake. By the time I could have responded it was about 5 feet under freezing cold water. And with a blink of the eye it was gone. 

As we laughed poor little Abigail started sobbing. We couldn't laugh anymore. What a sad little girl
But lucky her Grandpa let her use one of his poles and she was back in business. 

Ben, Kayla, and Lisa
Kayla was the only one to catch a fish!

Laura & Sven

He was telling me "I fishin see"

 Abigail and Anna
Sharing hot cocoa.

 Jayden, Anna, and Abigail

Jayden was such a good little fisherman. I think he mastered casting out his pole!

I missed getting pictures of Grandpa and Don. By the time I remembered i had a camera it was time to go home. 

Can't wait to go again....

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