Monday, August 1, 2011


As the rest of Alaska was magnificent! We spent the every minute as possible off the boat.

Abby had to pose by all the bears in town....
This was in the Red Dog Saloon.
 If you know me you know how terrified I am of planes. We'll we decided to go on a float plane and fly over five glaciers and then go to Taku Lodge and have a Salmon Bake. Most everyone was pretty excited to go on the plane. A few of us were probably (I know I was) about ready to be sick.  I felt very brave and got onto the plane, strapped Abigail into her seat then did the same for myself. Jim (my brother) got to sit up with the pilot. He was ecstatic about this!

 As the plane started I got a little more nervous (OK scared out of my mind) As it took off I thought hey not to bad. Well I fought back for 45 minutes to not loose everything I had ate for breakfast. Abby was really excited and was not phased at all! On the way back she actually fell asleep for most of the ride. I can not explain how terrified and in awe I was. It was the MOST beautiful plane ride I have ever been on. These pictures do not do it justice.
These are the Glaciers....

They all may look pretty excited but I know two of them were freaking out right along with me...

Taku Lodge

 Notice the Bear warning......
 What a view!
 Abigail, Don and I went for a walk on one of the trails. As we were walking Don was telling me he thought it was funny that I was so scared of walking around in Yellowstone because of the bears and here we were walking unarmed, with Abby, and by ourselves in Alaska. As he was saying this a BIG black blur ran through the forest ahead of us. I told him I think I just seen a bear so we decided it was probably best to head back to the lodge.

 Here is what was waiting back at the lodge!

They have to clean everything in the grill so the bears don't get a free meal. They still get in it and sniff around though.

 Taking a nap.

This was our most favorite excursion. When we get to go back to Alaska we will defiantly visit Taku Lodge again. It was absolutely breathtaking. Don and I did not want to get back on the float plane.

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