Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mommy's hard workers.

Abigail and Daddy spent this morning doing yard work. They mowed, cut the chickens wings so they wont fly over the fence, and picked all the pumpkins.... What a hard day!

 She was such a great helper,
These two ladies are our newest editions. (Ruger ate Soup for his dinner) A buff Silky named Peaches and a Partrigde Cochin named Roxy. 
 And of course our Miss Sassy... Olive, Miss Bossy, and Ruby Lu were just to shy to pose for there pictures considering we had just chased them and cut their wings.
Abby's pumpkin plant grew these in our garden. We were excited to get six nice sized ones this year. And of course that we don't have to buy any.   

She had to hug and kiss them.

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  1. What a good helper! It's ok I make my kids do child labor too! ;)