Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Abigail & Ruger's night of fun.

This is what happens when you buy your toddler markers...yes they are not washable leave her unattended for 15 minutes why you and your spouse have a talk in the next room. If you knew her pup Ruger you would agree with us that this was half his idea.

Gotta love it. Yes we laughed. She said she would not do this again. Dad took her markers away for life anyway.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This year the holiday's in our home went a little different. I usually cook Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family and then some. We only cooked for us, my sister, and her fiance's parents and grandmother. It went well but we defiantly felt like we were not all there. Abby had a great day and enjoyed all the attention. We went to a family dinner a few days after and Abby had fun with her cousins.

We prepared for Christmas even though we did not want it to come. If it was not for Abigail I would have crawled in bed and would probably still be there.

Christmas morning was full of excitement and was a little over whelming for Abigail she really got into opening her presents and was happy about each and every one. We spent the afternoon at Don's parents. Then the night at my sisters home for a great Chili Verde dinner. I made re fried beans from scratch, they were delicious.


Ruger even got a few presents even though we all knew he should have gotten some coal........
Abby got some really really really cute cowgirl boots.. Thank you Aunt Jessie!!


These last four weeks in our home have been difficult. Abigail has been acting out we are sure it is because of all our emotions running high, I have been like a roller coaster, Don has had even more on his shoulders. We have shared tears, laughter, hugs, cuddles, and grief. We have made it through this year..... and we will make it through this next year. We have it all because we have each other. We have our families our friends. We have EACH OTHER. We made it through the HOLIDAY'S! And that is something to be proud of.