Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*****My Family*****

Today we have been married 12 years! I love you more each day. I couldnt imagine my life without are my best friend (you know all my secrets) a loving husband...and a awesome Daddy to Abigail. I am lucky to have you in my life. You are my dream come true.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

County Fair

Abby went on her first ride.... She was not sure what to think the first few times around.

Then a smile.

The smiles just got BIGGER....

Always her favorite part.

(i had to post this funny pic)

She was not sure what she was to do.

This will be gone in about 12 hours. She will hit the dog with it he will bite it, then run off, and there you go.......gone.


Canyon Dance 2010

Each year we get to go to a canyon dance. We have some much needed relaxing time, good food, and a fun dance.

Abby had a lot of time to practice her new bike riding skills.

Ruger watched Abby very intently and made sure she was safe.

Erica had a great time showing us her awesome moves!!!!

And Auntie Melanie was just dang cool!!!!


We have (had) 8 Chicken's, all hen's and no roosters!!! Well that's what we were told. Here is Parlines and Cream or should I call him BBQ n onion? It was a sad day for him but he had started crowing and we are not allowed to have roosters. I absolutly love roosters so it was hard for me to say see you on the table.

Our hen's were either really happy because he had been chasing them around for day's or they thought they were next. (I like to think they were happy)

He was definitely happy. I think he thought this was his dinner!

The really sad part to this story is the next day I come home from work and find that my Black Astrolorp is also chasing the hen's. (happy to report no crowing yet)