Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flaming Gorge

We went to Flaming Gorge a few weeks ago and had a blast. The weather was perfect for not getting a sight with hook ups for the air conditioner. Abigail did not care how cold the water was she was going swimming. We let her walk around in it a bit until her lips turned blue.

She went on her first boat ride. My Uncle Tim went with us and was nice enough to take us all fishing. She thought the boat was pretty kewl and was excited about the water. She actually fell asleep on our way back to camp.

We seen a ton of Antelope and bunnies!

Abigail loved the bunnies so much. She tried and tried to catch one to bring home.

....................... So meet Bella....................

She is a great bunnie so far. She loves Abby to chase her in the back yard and being feed carrots, cilantro, and yogart treats. She is a cute bunny and so far we have enjoyed her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We miss you Nanook


Some of this crazy summer!
Well lets see. Its been awhile. We have been enjoying our summer. Since I have not kept up on the blog I will do my best to update some of the stuff we have been up to.

Camping @ Joes Valley.
Abby enjoyed eating dirt, rocks, and sticks. Her first real trip noticing all the wildlife. every time she would see an animal she would say really loud WOW! sometimes followed by a meow or wuff wuff. Abby was sick from the second day until we got home. We spent on day in Price at the ER and one day in Springville at a pediatrician office and ShopKo filling her prescription. Turns out she had a massive ear infection and a virus called roseola. What we learned about Price.... NEVER EVER take any of us there again even if it is life or limb threatening!

Camping at Ophir Utah for a canyon dance.
We had fun watching Abby play in the sandbox, bike rides, music, games, meeting new friends.
What we didn't enjoy: Don deciding to do some Russian dance and hurting his foot. It was sad really he fell in front of like 60 people and everyone laughed but him. poor Don.

Silver Lake for a nice walk with Bailey, Jayden, and Isaac. Abigail loves spending time with her cousins.
We went to the Solid Gold bull riding rodeo. We were not quite sure how Abby was going to do since it started at 7pm but she did great she enjoyed pretty much everything, she just was a little confused why people were sitting on the horses.

Abby has started using the "potty" woohoooo! She says "pooh pooh, kaka, stinky, potty, and ewwwww". to cute

She learned what a slide was for and how to jump on a trampoline. And yes DADDY you will be buying me one soon.. :)

Wheeler Farm to visit the animals. We go there quite a bit because it fun, free, and a nice walk.

Liberty Park to take a dip. with cousins Ashton and Kaydon. Abigail would live in the water if I would let her. We try to go swimming once a week at the local pool.

We enjoyed becoming Snow cone junkies! (we only robbed the bank once for some quarters)
We watched Aunt Becky become YOUNGER!!! (Botoxic) And watched as she tried to ride the kiddo pony.

And Abby had great naps in between all the fun stuff.