Saturday, June 27, 2015

movie party

Abby had her first little movie party. She invited her friends Shay and Alli. They watched Annie. 

We made popcorn and cotton candy. She was so excited! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day

We are so blessed to have our Daddy! Don is a wonderful husband and father. We love you and we appreciate ALL you do to give us the good life!

 After we enjoyed some ice cream

Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 Smith Family Reunion

Smith Family Reunion 2015

We had a great time spending a few days with the Smith's. I wish these camp trips could be a few more days longer. It is a lot of fun to spend time together and for all the little cousins to be able to play and build relationships. Abigail has so much love for her cousins and if it was up to her she would be with them every day! Some of the kids did a skit, we played games, and best of all visited with each other. Family is so very important. 

We went to Rock Canyon campground. It was a gorgeous canyon. 
It was also very hot and all the grasses were in bloom so there forth we all suffered from allergies! YUCK! We actually had to leave around 4 am on the last morning due to Don having an asthma attack. Thankful for mom and dad to be so kind to get us out of there quickly and to make Don leave the tent and sleeping bags for them to bring to us later. Don was not doing very well and we were all worried. He ended up at the Dr. and is now breathing better! 

Here are a few pictures. Sadly I did not take very many of them...


Thursday, June 11, 2015

40 is the new 20

LORDY! LORDY! Look who's 40!

Happy Birthday to my Babe! 

We celebrated Don's birthday by going to the park and having a pot luck lunch with family and a few friends. Abby and I put together his senior starter kit! Being 40 these items defiantly are needed! 

We gave him
* a hot pad for his sore muscles
*aspirin for heart health
* anti diarrhea and a laxative because getting old you need this stuff!
* reading glasses with a large print word find
* a notebook necklace to he can write down where he parks so he don't get lost
*sports car (matchbox) he had said a few nights before "I am going to be 40 and I do not even have a sports car" :)
*and for his special date nights some Viagra
*a senior name tag and senior ID number
*and Abigail's favorite some baby food for when his teeth fall out. She giggled about this for days!

We had a great time and got to visit with everyone. Then the next day, his birthday he had to work so Abby and I got his real gifts together and had a BBQ when he got home from work. I hope he loved every minute of it and felt loved!

We love you more and more each second!